We’re running for cover right now.
Richie braved 50 knot winds and big swells this morning to lash the Gopro video camera onto the front of Braveheart so we could see what sea conditions were like as we ran for cover from our overnight anchorage to a new anchorage on the other side of Great Island.
Watch the horizon to see how much we’re rolling!

The boat is still rolling a lot at anchor and it’s a wet gale outside, so we’re hunkered down inside riding out the storm.
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5 Responses to “Stormy seas for the Three Kings expedition team”

  1. margaret sellens

    Safe journey home folks.
    Loved the info and photos.
    Many thanks

  2. Chanders class

    how did you come up with the name of the fish?-hudson
    hope it doesn’t stay as a nasty weather-Helen
    We like the nice pictures you guys took, hope we see more

  3. Jasmine and Manu

    I loved the photos in the video-Jasmine
    I really loved the tiny little fishes-Manu
    How many people were on the boat-Jasmine

  4. chanders class

    hows the weather now?Jim!
    How cold was it in the storm?-Sofia

  5. Jacqui's class

    We just watched the video of the boat in the storm and we are all feeling a little sea sick we hope that you are all feeling ok and the boat stops rocking soon.
    Why do killer whales not hurt us? Madeleine.
    Do you only study fish that are dead? Franchesca


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