Pitcairn Moorea - Braveheart
Pitcairn Moorea – Braveheart

The RV Braveheart, owned by Stoney Creek Shipping, will be home for the Three Kings Islands marine expedition crew for two weeks.

This is not the first Auckland Museum-led scientific expedition for the RV Braveheart either – in 2011 it was home to a team of 14 scientists on a three-week expedition to the Kermadec Islands.

RV Braveheart is a well-travelled vessel having spent time in parts of the Pacific and Southern Oceans including the remote Pitcairn Islands and Kerguelen Island and it’s even carved its way through ice in the Antarctica.

The Braveheart
The Braveheart

At 39 metres long, constructed of steel, with a helicopter deck and capable of steaming for 33 days non-stop, owner Nigel Jolly says the ship and its crew have been doing the impossible since 1995.

Critically for the Three Kings Islands expedition team, the vessel is well equipped for research expeditions.

International agencies that have used the RV Braveheart include National Geographic, the UK Government and New Zealand Department of Conservation.

The Braveheart
The Braveheart

The crew will sleep in twin cabins with a bunk bed and there’s a ‘mess room’ where they will socialise. There is a cook on the RV Braveheart and, before they set off from Tauranga for the Three Kings Islands, the boat will be well stocked with food supplies – there’s no nipping down to the dairy if they get hungry. A sneak peak at the menu for the expedition shows some popular Kiwi favourites – steak, fish and spaghetti bolognese.

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Ship’s Master Matt Jolly
Length: 39 metres
Construction: All steel
Engine: NIIGATA 1200 hp
Generators: 2 x Niigata 125 kVA
RIB Boats: 5.2m with 90 hp outboard
4.8m with jet unit for coral reefs and ice
Accommodation: 12 passengers in 2 berth cabins, air-conditioned
Crew: Normally 5
Helicopter deck Yes
Fuel capacity: 94000 lts
Range: 33days steaming 24hrs per day
Water capacity: 6000 lts
Water maker: 4500 lts per day
Ship air conditioned and heated Yes
Last slipping for survey: Jan 2007. Under New Zealand Safe Ship Management.
Survey company: Survey Nelson.

Owned and operated by Stoney Creek Shipping Co. Ltd since 1998.