This collection includes footage of the spotted black grouper fish and a school of blue maomao.

While our team of scientists was carrying our their work in the Kermadec Islands the diving conditions were pretty incredible with visibility under water reaching over 30m so these short clips capture a lot of activity under the water and are worth watching a couple of times.

Spotted black grouper – our divers dubbed it a fish with real presence

A school of blue maomao in the waters around the Kermadec Islands

Zebra Lionfish – a new record for New Zealand discovered on our expedition to the Kermadecs in 2011

We’ve also got a few clips of our scientists sharing some of the discoveries they made while they were in the Kermadecs including the zebra lionfish which was a new record for New Zealand.

A milestone discovery – 100 unique species identified in the Kermadecs Islands

Never put a soapfish in your togs

My pick of the clips with our scientists is our marine curator Tom Trnski (who is leading the Three Kings Islands expedition) explaining how it was discovered that the soap-like foam on the soap fish was an irritant – it involves the soapfish and somebody’s unfortunate idea which swaw them put it in their swimming trunks.

More coming soon

For our Three Kings Islands expedition we’ll be bringing you more images and a daily video so you can see what our scientists are seeing on their daily dives.

Next week I’ll share some of the top discoveries we made on the Kermadecs expedition and our hopes for next month’s expedition.

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    Loved the Kermadec site. Can’t wait to see what they find in the Kings


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