So first were the polychaete worms, and we thought that was spectacular.

Then came the fish in search of worms, and when Ged got a dip net in the water and started scooping he really made Tom’s night – with a new fish record for the Three Kings Islands! As Tom says it’s a bit of a mystery where these little juvenile pipers, that are just 33 and 50 millimetres long respectively (not counting their long jaw), came from. Pipers spawn in estuaries and there are definitely no estuaries up here (just sheer rock walls), so have they already drifted up here from the North Island?

Here’s Tom talking about our newest discovery.

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6 Responses to “First new fish record for expedition follows last night’s polychaete frenzy”

  1. Matt

    Congrats on the new fish find! Can’t wait to see what happens next …

  2. Andrew

    Wish I was diving with you. More video please so I can pretend I’m there

  3. Helen

    Great dip netting. Beautiful colours. I wonder what estuary they would have originated from? Another ocean mystery.

  4. Ayesha's class

    Hi from Ayesha’s class,

    It looks like some rough weather for you guys.

    Have things been okay over there?
    Did you find any treasure when you went diving next to the wreck?
    You have recently found a new species of fish. Would you want to eat it?
    On the new fish you found we could see no fins. How do fish with no fins swim? Have you chosen a name for it yet?
    How cold is it underwater at the moment?
    Has anyone got seasick with the stormy weather?

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Chander' class freemans bay school

    have you figured out a name that is for the fish that you got.
    that looks like a sword fish.
    where about was the fish.
    I like your butterfly perch.
    how deep did you go to find the fish.

  6. Chander' class freemans bay school

    have you got the name for the marlin yet.-AARON

    How deep did you have to go to find the marlin-John


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