A- No, it’s not the same in the Three Kings Islands. The reason we couldn’t catch and eat fish in the Kermadec Islands was because it is a marine reserve – it’s actually the largest marine reserve in New Zealand. The only reason you can take a fish from a protected area like this is for research, so there’s definitely no eating allowed. The great thing about places like the Kermadecs is that they allow us to observe a virtually untouched marine environment and compare and contrast the marine life in the reserve with marine plants and animals living in waters that are subject to fishing and other human activities.

Three Kings Islands isn’t a marine reserve so we can catch fish to eat if we want but we’ll be pretty busy every day (and night!) – diving, looking for different fish and plant species, recording what we find and preparing specimens to take back with us – so we might not have time!

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3 Responses to “Q- When you went on an expedition to the Kermadecs I remember that you couldn’t eat any fish, is it the same in the Three Kings Islands?”

  1. Michael hansen

    I’ve dived/holidayed at the three kings a number of times, of course the main difference being I always funded my own way up their. Just wondering how much this rort we be costing the taxpayer of New Zealand?

    • Melanie Cooper

      Hi Michael each person on the boat (with the exception of Braveheart’s own crew) has paid for their berth – some paid for it out of their own pocket and are taking leave without pay, others are working on commissioned research projects so their organisation has paid for their berth and others have sought funding from a sponsor, donor or media organisation.

  2. Dave

    I understand that there are no crayfish at the Kermadecs, is this the same at the Kings? and can you post a photo representing the general size?


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